HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! Joyeux Noel!!!

no messages for a few days... i have a good reason.... Mr B. is back home and we had a really good week doing things around to have our little place ready and cosy to celebrate Xmas!

So i wish to everyone visiting my blog and especially to my friend & her family ... that you had a good Xmas day and a lot of joy!

Happy Christmas! Joyeux Noel!


Snow, snow, snow!!!

It was snowning again last night and it was really cold all day (-6*C)... just like a real winter! I just want to make the house cosy and warm (I will show you in a few days ;)...
And would love to take so beautiful picture! I found them on the blog Modish.

Have a nice week-end with a hot chocolate in the hands to warm you up!








Christmas is coming...

Since yesterday, I have some new friends at home... they came to celebrate Chrsitmas with us... and wish a warm welcome to Mr B. coming back on Sunday.... I can't wait!

A white day

My wish is maybe coming through... :) The countryside around was all white when I got up this morning! Not a lot... but still enough to have the feeling that everything around change in the time of the night... just like in a fairytale!

And it's snowing again tonight... so perhaps... Christmas would be white...


Back to France...

I was flying this morning from Gatwick to Toulouse... the flight was one hour late as the pilot was ill, so they had to get an other one ... I don't really know why but i found that quite funny actually :)... Anyway, back home ok! Mr B. is coming back on Sunday! All there to celebrate Xmas and start our new life!!!!

And one thing: IT'S REALLY COLD HERE!!!!!! I AM FREEZING....maybe we will have a white Xmas...??? I would love it!

i wish a white Christmas.... please Santa....


Borough Market

Last Thursday, we went with my friends V. and A. to Borough Market... A market under a bridge... A market with gorgeous food... A little market in the middle of London... That's London! A surprise where you wouldn't expect something like that!

A house in an other dimension...

A nest in the landscape.... an interesting place to be a house - home... i find this house fascinating... The concept is from the agency SeARCH and it's built in Zwitzerland. Have a look! I found it there.










The week... petit bilan

*Last saturday, i had my first pottery class...(while my husband was playing rugby (they won :-) )i am not able to show anything as it's not dry yet... but what i can say it's that i want to do it again! the pottery class was in a really friendly place: Merton abbey mills.

* Sunday: we had a relaxing and interesting day in London... with some rain... sorry :) but when i want to see an exhibition.... yes, we have to queue under the rain for an hour... Anish Kapoor...

*Yesterday, I started to wrap the first little presents... and i played with my own little prezzie from Muji

*And what's about this week-end?

Have a nice week-en!


Some ideas for Christmas...

I started to do my Xmas shopping a few days ago now but ia m still looking for some good ideas.

I think the meaning of a present is really important: it's not about the value but more about the implication of yourself involved to find the right present for the person you like... the time you take to choose it and the wish to make that person happy! I think all it's there! anyway, we have already everything we need nowadays...

Here are following some nice ideas... to buy if you can afford them or just to have a look...

Champagne glasses by Ilse Crawford and Michael Anastassiades

It’s December and the Christmas season is well and truly upon us. The annual dilemma as to what to buy our discerning friends and family is here, and to make life a bit easier, we have searched the stores featured in LONDON DESIGN GUIDE to bring our pick of the top 20 products from 20 great places.

Start as you mean to go on – kick off Christmas day with Champagne and sausages.

Above: Champagne Glasses by Ilse Crawford & Michael Anastassiades. £85 (sold in pairs) from Sigmar, Chelsea (page 19 in LONDON DESIGN GUIDE)

Plus Minus Zero, coffee-tea, twentytwentyone

Of course, no day begins properly without a caffeine injection.

Above: Coffee & tea maker by Naoto Fukasawa. £149 from twentytwentyone, Islington (page 119 in LDG)

Hinged Facet Cufflinks Hannah Martin

Right, breakfast over, its time to change out of your dressing gown and make an effort. Its Christmas day after all.

Above: Hinged Facet cufflinks in sterling silver by Hannah Martin. £335 from The Modern Gentry, Mayfair (until 5th December) or online from Hannah Martin London(page 84 in LDG)

Artek/Comme Standard EdT from DSM

Its not just how you look. What about how you smell?

Above: ‘Standard’ Comme des Garcons Artek perfume (100ml). £70 from Dover Street Market, Mayfair (page 54 in LDG)

Chimney_Benjamin Hubert at Viaduct

Winter days can be rather gloomy so its important that you can see what you’re doing before plunging into that pile of pressies.

Above: Chimney Lights by Benjamin Hubert. £295 each from Viaduct, Clerkenwell (page 106 in LDG)


OK, if the kids don’t open some presents soon, they’re going to climb the walls. Perhaps that goes for the adults too?

Above: Playshapes by millergoodman. £79 for a set of 74 wooden shapes from Aram, Covent Garden (page 76 in LDG)

Hemding by Andreas Fabian

Feeling peckish already? Time for a mid-morning snack served in style.

Above: hemDing platter by Andreas Fabian. £109 from Thorsten van Elten pop-up shop, Brompton (2-13 December) or online (page 72 in LDG)

Balloon light by Kyouei

Christmas is a time of celebration so do just that, and assemble and scatter illuminated balloons.

Above: Balloon Lamp by Kyouei. £25 from placesandspaces, Clapham (page 154 in LDG)

Red Watch by Uniform Wares

Argh, is that the time?! Must be time to start cooking the almighty roast…

Above: Red Wrist Watch by Uniform Wares. £85 from Uniform Wares online store(available from 4th December – its that new!)

December Products of Month Jasper Morrison

OK, pots and pans to the ready…

Above: 20cm Casserole by Jasper Morrison. £38 from Jasper Morrison Shop, Shoreditch (page 131 in LDG). The other products in the image are also available from Jasper Morrison Shop.

Alessi_Tonale by David Chipperfield

So, who is going to set the table for lunch?

Above: Tonale tableware range by David Chipperfield. Prices from £13 from Alessi, Mayfair (page 52 of LDG)

Nos Da range by Donna Wilson for SCP

After a long boozy lunch, it is time for a snooze on the sofa wrapped in warm blankets.

Above: Nos Da cushions, throws, and blankets. £60, £160, and £275 from SCP, Shoreditch and Notting Hill (pages 31 & 136 in LDG)

Braun Clock AB5

Wake up sleepy head!

Above: Braun Alarm Clock AB5 by Dietrich Lubs. £29.95 from Design Museum Shop, Bermondsey (page 150 in LDG). Be warned – these clocks are out of production and have been sourced from a savvy collector in Japan, so they are strictly limited!

ANISH KAPOOR book by Phaidon

If you’re not the snoozing type, have a read of your latest cultural tome.

Above: Anish Kapoor, published by Phaidon. £59.95 from Phaidon Store, Mayfair (from 6-7pm on 11th December, Anish Kapoor will be signing books in the store. To secure a place in the queue, pre-order your copy with a 20% discount)


Time for some Christmas cake already?

Above: Pedastal (grey) by Harri Koskinen for iittala. £329 (limited edition) fromSkandium, Brompton and Marylebone (pages 20 & 42 in LDG)

Adonde teapot

Of course, you can’t have cake without a cup of tea, right?

Above: Adonde stoneware teapot. £79 from Mar Mar Co, Brick Lane (page 134 in LDG)

Porte-Monnaie wallet

OK, revived, its time for some more presents.

Above: Wallet by Porte Monnaie, made from paper-like flash-spun high density polyethylene. £69 from Darkroom, Lamb’s Conduit Street (new store opening 8th December)

2.Yellow loop

Wow, a knockout sculptural centrepiece if ever I saw one.

Above: Yellow Loop by Merete Rasmussen. £780 from Contemporary Applied Arts, Fitzrovia (page 89 in LDG)

drawer with Victoire candles

At the risk of being really boring, I’m off to bed…

Above: French tin candle box with drawer of refills. £19 from Few and Far, Brompton (page 14 in LDG)

So that’s the end of our pick of 20 great Christmas presents from 20 great places. Explore over 100 more fantastic design destinations that are featured in LONDON DESIGN GUIDE 2010 – buy your copy for Christmas! Only £10 directly from this website.


We’ll leave you with a nerdy statistic: each year Britons spend on average £435 on Christmas presents, but now researchers have calculated £36 of that will not be appreciated. Last year, eBay saw two million unwanted Christmas gifts listed, but a huge number are discarded and end up in landfill.

It is predicted that Londoners will be given £86 million of unwanted gifts this Christmas. Don’t be one of them. Buy well, buy quality… don’t buy crap.

Source: Western Union via Evening Standard