Which one do you prefer?

*Two days ago, I found this design competition on the web and I am now taking part in it.
*It's about designing a bean bag... and I did two versions...
*So, which one do you prefer?
*If you have a bit of time, if you like what I have done and would like to vote for me :)
please follow this link:
Have a nice week-end!



*Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day! The first real summer day of the year!
*It was warm, no fresh wind, we could hear the bees around and all the other little insects enjoying the sun!
*A perfect day for picking fruits = "cueillette" in french... I like that word :)


Morocco#The End

*Here are the last pictures about our trek in Morrocco:
a few paintings of Yves Saint-Laurent at the Majorelle's garden
and the airport, both in Marrakech.
*A lot of memories: the walks through the "berbere villages" in the mountains, the traditionnal mint tea, the families where we stayed and the bit of their life they shared with us, the sound of the call for the prayer, the children, the houses, the donkeys, the lively Marrakech, the food...
*Now, it's finally sunny here...
I won't say it's summer just in case it goes back again...
Have a nice day everyone! :)



*Here, it's still raining... and our friends left on Sunday ... :(

*We had a great time,
they stayed at La Maison Vieille, and for a week I could dream we were neighbours :)...
them, pop in to see us, us going at them for late evenings with drinks and laughs...
miss you...

*Today, I started to tidy the pictures of our trip to Morocco...
*Have a nice week everyone!

*ps: V. , just to let you know that A. forgot one sheep of her new farm under the dining table, but don't worry, Roxan will look after it until your next visit!!! ;)


Time out!

*Friends came to visit us this week
and to enjoy the french countryside, late dinners and wine...
So probably, i won't be around here a lot until monday!
*We are still sharing our Marrocco memories...yallah...



*We are back from Marrocco where we did a trek in the Atlas mountains!
*A huge amount of pictures
and a lot to do in the garden...
*hope to be ready to post a few pictures soon!