Monument Valley

* Monument Valley, an amazing place on the Navajo's land

*It was spectacular!!!

* a generous Navajo hamburger for Mr B. after a long walk around the 'Buttes'

*and an early morning to watch an incredible sunrise

* it was so beautiful, i could feel my tears swelling up...
(i know i am really sensitive) 

* it's probably one of my best memories ;)

*and i'd just like to thank all of you for pop in on to my blog
and especially to my regular visitors.

thank you :)


Lake Powell

*on the way to Monument Valley,
we stayed one night on the shores of Lake Powell

*it's a man-made lake.

*we arrived there just in time to enjoy the sun going to sleep...

*and I jumped out with my pyjamas on to enjoy the sun coming up...

*the colors and the view were stunning, i didn't want to miss a second of it :)


Las Vegas

*a lot of bling bling
*interesting to see it once

*best memories:
the dancing fountains at the Bellagio Hotel
and a frozen yogurt... yummy ;)


Death Valley

*a fresh morning, leaving behind us the mountains and the snow...

*going on the straight roads for miles and miles,
looking at the landscape becoming dry and yellow


*and sand dunes...

*an afternoon under a hot sun (around 40*C!!)
*walking on the sea salt, the lowest point in US
'Badwater basin' -85 meters under the sea level



*After we picked the huge motorhome and did a big food shopping in the huge Walmart,
we drove to our first destination :

*the tallest sequoias, the beautiful fall season, vibrant colors, walks, rocks
and a view just like in 'The Lords of the Rings'...
surreal.... precious...


We are back!!!

*we are back!!!
 full of happiness :)

*we had an amazing time in US
the trip of a lifetime

*beef jerky, the huge skies, the long straight roads,
the red earth, the snow and the boiling sun,
the travelling experience... all in one!

*i am still under the jet lag...
 can't sleep... 3.00am

*loads of pictures to tidy
I will try to share a few here in the next couple days

*hope you had a good time 
all of you!

*have a nice sunday!


1 Day to go to USA!!!!!! and the last fruits...

° Only 1 night to sleep and we will be on the day to go.

°We were planning the trip for such a long time, and suddendly is there,
we are going to USA!

°I still can't realize we're going there, visiting all these places,
seing so many different things, tasting new food...
and the most important:
we will 3 weeks just together...
(don't worry we planned it, we have a 8 meters van...)

°Actually, I don't think i am going to sleep really...
i still can't decide what to wear for the flight tomorrow... ?§!

°Hope i will be able to come here a bit during our trip :)

°Wish you a nice Sunday everyone .


2 Days to go to USA and 2 presents

°2 days to go.... too much excited!!!

°and 2 presents:

a new camera to do a lot, a lot, a lot of pictures during our trip :)

and our first fire of the autumn season.

autumn light...my favorite

welcome october!