*We had such a nice week-end full of sunshine
* The first swim of the year in the pool :)
*and a few "vide-grenier" (= french car boots sale) are starting in the area...
*I love to visit them and maybe find
some little treasures, bargains with new ideas in mind...
*I have to go, we are going to Marroco tonight...
and I haven't packed anything yet!
*See you in a week!


We are back! already...

*We are back! It was a really quick visit to england!
Just the time to see L. in her wonderful office,
pick up all our stuff left at our previous flat,
do some shopping (not enough :(...)
and enjoy a too short time with our friends and a tasty cheesecake :)...
*All in a few hours...
*Back yesterday evening and today (and for the next couple days)
my favourite activity is tidying, tidying...tidying!!!


Tomorrow... LONDON!!!

*this morning, we're getting ready for our car trip to be in UK tomorrow morning!
*unfortunately, we won't have a lot of time,
just one day to pick up all the bits and bobs we left there ...
and keep some space for a huge shopping list!
*and the most important thing, hope to see our friends for a cupa... :)
*see you on thursday!



*an artist, a lot of energy and creativity
*really clever guy
*it was one of my wish for a long time... done!
*see you for another concert... here or there... :)



*an indoors day... again... are we in May?
*a "thank you bouquet" arrived yesterday :)
*a few bread and "brioche" receipes tested... hummm
*going out for a concert tonight... i am fan!!!!
to much happy... really really excited!!!!!


A busy bee

*a new little wild orchid on the table... look it's like a bee on a flower!
clever nature :)
*the picture of my granny finished
*little bouquets on a long table and 30 guests
to share a tasty Sunday lunch, memories and smiles for a nice family reunion...
i really enjoyed it... a nice time together...
*here is starting a nice week with a bit of sun coming through :)



*Fresh flowers on the table to go against the awful weather...
*take that "extra" time indoor to enjoy painting again...
*still raining today....rrrrrrrr.......



*A really bad weather...
it seems we are back in November... cold and wet :(
*The thank you cards are ready to be send...
A thank you for all the nice words we had since my grandma is in the other world.
*A lot of tears, it's more difficult than i thought,
we knew she was suffering a lot and that the end could be soon...
but still, it's more difficult than i thought...
i can't realize i won't see her, listen her, speak with her anymore...
i regret i didn't tell her more how much i loved her, how much i was proud she was my grandma, all the memories, the games, the projects we had together, how much i feel close to her...
how much i was and i am crossed against the illness which has taken her...