Wedding Day: Act I


*I know... our wedding story start to be a bit long...
I love talking about it...
I am sorry for my friends that they have to heared about it another time ;)

*But don't worry , we are finally at the Big Day!!!

*It was a long day, so I am starting with the morning...

*One thing: my hairdresser's appointment was at 7.00 pm...
 because I booked it too late to have a better slot...
a lot of our guests planned it before I did ...

*The best advise we had to beat the usual stress was from my husband's brother:
"You just have to turn up!"

*and another little tip: a glass of "Polish vodka" in one go! 
It helps! :) 


She has gone...

* a few weeks ago, i received a friendly email from a lady who saw my painting on my blog
and asked me if i am selling my art...

*it was just a huge honour for me, because Anne is the author of a blog I like to follow...
I love her pictures, her blog and the atmosphere coming through it.
estaminet coquet...  a poem in itself.

*from my kitchen, she is now sitting in her office.

*it's like a dream for me... :)


Our Wedding Song

* Our wedding song when I went up the aisle...

*Ismérie, a fabulous soprano was there for us...


*I had quite a productive week with my art...

*Here is one portrait i did from a picture of my little niece...

*the journey continues...




*it's still hot here... and i won't complain as i was looking so much for the sun to be bright.

*i didn't have time today to choose the pictures from our wedding to post here...

*tomorrow, it's saturday... which mean changeover day for La Maison Vieille...
and friends coming in the evening for dinner...

*so will see if i time to come here,

*if not, have a nice week-end everyone and thank you for your nice messages :)


Wedding Memories: Big Day -1

*It was so hot today, 40°C!!! maybe summer is two months late????

*so here is continuing our wedding story with ....

*Big Day -1 and the Big Test of the Chinese lanterns!!
on the wedding day, after the dinner in the evening with send two of them...
the tradition is to write a wish on it and leave it to fly to the sky

*Big Day -1:
the preparation of the dining room we hired,
 in a barn of a medieval Castle a few kilometers from us....

*Big Day -1:
The church with long white gladiolis, the olive tree, and a few busy lizzies...
instead of the usual long red carpet, we layed out 2 rolls of wallpaper down the aisle, matching with the hand-made ceremony booklets...

*I tell you, I love playing with details ;)


*The week before the wedding my best friend V.came from London with her family,
and her sister K. came from Prague.
They helped us a lot!
I will never forget that wedding week with them. It meant a lot for me...


Wedding Favors

*today was a busy busy day, i finally have the time to write this post telling a bit more about our wedding story...

*Wedding favors:
I absolutely loved to think about them, to imagine them, to choose them and how to wrapped them...

*still, we would like them showing a bit of  ours nationalities and also, we would them to be a real little prezzi for each guest... so we had 3 types of  favors:

*For all the ladies: a lavender aroma heart in silk from Laura Ashley, the company where  I used to work as an Interior Designer when we lived in London.

*For the French Gentlemen: an orange and whiskey marmelade... a little taste of England in a jar... miam!

*For the English Gentlemen: a little bottle of "eau-de-vie", plum brandy produced by my family ... and that one was from the year Mister B. was born... 1977

* and the kids got a little bag with a mask and a lot of sweets for their children party in the evening :)

* i really so much to do it... i would plan weddings all the time if I could... ;)


Wedding Invitations


*To announce our wedding last year, I designed and made our wedding invitations.

*We would like something really personal, a bit of both laying on the paper. Ours differences and links...

*As my husband is English and i am French, we show by a picture from where we were born and another showing something we like to do...
beetroots: gardening and food for him,
a art picture of a chair with linen: interiors and art for me...
all around the purple color

*I also design a logo for us: two birds on each side of a tree looking at each other... it's still following us...

*then i stitched all the hand-made enveloppes!

*We had a lot of nice compliments about our 'quite different looking' invitation!

*I think, ours guests were looking forward to the big day :)

*Today, I am still designing wedding invitations and stitching enveloppes for other couples or births
With a new collection coming soon...
at Odette aussi.

*Have a nice day everyone and thank you for your comments!


1st Wedding Anniversary


*Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary.

*It was the 22nd of August 2009

*The year went so quickly...

*We enjoy to remember and look at all our memories of the day...
and all the days before and after...

*This coming week, I will go back on that fabulous adventure,
from the preparation to the start of the married life.

*And you, what's your best memory of your wedding?


Changeover day


*busy, busy day
*today was changeover day at La Maison Vieille
*and here is the result,
a big colourful bouquet to welcome our new guests for the week.

*have a nice week-end everyone


The village lake

* just down the hill we can enjoy the village lake for a walk around
as we did today!

*beautiful sun.

*when i was child, i used to spend all my summer there with fiends...

* today, swimming there is not allowed anymore... sad :(

*it was a great time ...


A drawing


* while i was tidying, to set up my new work space for autumn,
i found one of my drawing that i did at university.

*i remember that i enjoyed learning the technique of  using the color of the paper as a component of the drawing, in combination with black and white

*drawing with shadows...


Summer Cabbage pickles

* i've been planting a lot of cabbage lately... and had to find a way to use them...

*so i tried to do some cabbage pickles... i will let you know in few weeks if it was a success!!! :)

*here is the recipe:
1 lb. shredded  cabbage

1 tbsp. salt

2 1/2 c. white wine vinegar ... (i used cider vinegar... will see)

1 tbsp. soft brown sugar

1 tbsp. pickling spice

Chopped the cabbage in a large bowl and cover each layer with salt. Leave for 24 hours. Drain off any liquid and rinse off any surplus salt. Put the vinegar, sugar and pickling spices into a pan, and bring to the boil. Simmer for 5 minutes and allow to cool for at least 2 hours. Strain. Pack the cabbage loosely into jars and cover with the spiced vinegar. Cover label and store in a cool place. Can begin to eat after 1 week. Will begin to loose its crispness within 2 to 3 months.

Bon appétit!




*a day out around the village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, a few kilometers from us.
*beautiful old houses, flowers, pretty boutiques, colors and tourists
*summer feeling