Wedding Favors

*today was a busy busy day, i finally have the time to write this post telling a bit more about our wedding story...

*Wedding favors:
I absolutely loved to think about them, to imagine them, to choose them and how to wrapped them...

*still, we would like them showing a bit of  ours nationalities and also, we would them to be a real little prezzi for each guest... so we had 3 types of  favors:

*For all the ladies: a lavender aroma heart in silk from Laura Ashley, the company where  I used to work as an Interior Designer when we lived in London.

*For the French Gentlemen: an orange and whiskey marmelade... a little taste of England in a jar... miam!

*For the English Gentlemen: a little bottle of "eau-de-vie", plum brandy produced by my family ... and that one was from the year Mister B. was born... 1977

* and the kids got a little bag with a mask and a lot of sweets for their children party in the evening :)

* i really so much to do it... i would plan weddings all the time if I could... ;)

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Loree a dit…

Me too. I loved planning my wedding. Beautiful favours.