3 Days to go to USA & the orange day

°My daily walk in orange.

°We are going to meet for the first time some relatives when we will be around san Francisco.
°The lady is 95 years old, she is the cousin of my grand-father,
and we will meet her daughter too.

°Today i went to the town to find some little presents for them.
I thought to take some typical 'Foie Gras',
but it doesn't seem to be allowed at the airport customs... so just in case...

° So,I chose two books: one about a 99 years old french lady telling about her life
and a Recipe book of south-west France cuisine...
*chocolates and French wine... tasty!

°What do you think about my choice?
I still have a bit of time to find something else
if you know what our Americans cousins would love from France...???

°Any ideas???? :)


4 Days to go to USA and flowers ;)


*I did a bit more of the packing today ... still can't decide which pair of shoes!!
ps: thank you Juniper for your advise on the raincoat for San Francisco :)

*Today was also a beautiful autumn day,
a day to meet some pretty fowers.


5 Days to go to USA & a drawing

*I haven't done a lot today regarding the packing to USA
*it's only 5 days to go!!!! and i can't decide what to take or not....
 please if you have any advise, have a look at my previous post

*I'm still sorting out all the drawings from my Art Studies
*Here is an another one.

*Yes, i am like that!
when i move somewhere i need to organize everything
 before i can start to live there
 i feel it's a bit the same with my new art studio ;)


6 Days to go to USA!!!!

*Yes!!!! Finally we are going in Honeymoon... the real one :)
*Next sunday we are flying to San Francisco, where we will rent a RV and go on the roads...
until the 21st of october...
*I do not realize yet! it's more than a dream, it seems unreal!
It's the first time i am going to America!!! so so happy!!!
*So here is our road trip:

*Departure: San Francisco


*Las Vegas

*Grand Canyon

*Monument Valley

*Los Angeles

*The West Coast and Big Sur

*Back to San Francisco

*I can't wait!!!!

*Please, please, please
If you have any advise on one of those locations, on the weather,
on things to do or not, on food, on museum,  on shopping...
please, please,
leave me a note....
Your help is more than welcome :)



° the Hibiscus is showing its different life stages
° the tulip bulbs need to be planted to be all ready for next spring
° i found a recipe for a buttersquash jam... can't wait to try it :)
° i need to organize my days to be in my art studio for long hours...

°already the week-end...
°have a nice one everybody!

ps: here, it's raining cats and dogs... but more cats than dogs actually... :)



*So today I have already played in my new Art Studio and it's just great!!! :)

*A new portrait...


My Art Studio: After

*After a few weeks and a lot of cleaning, painting, drilling...
My Art Studio is finished!
A big thank you to my parents
and my husband B. for their huge help! merci...

*A large HIGH worktop ...
 my dream....
a perfect high table to work on
...i am quite tall (1m80...)...so

*To make it, we used two MDF worktops fixed together and a Billy bookcase from Ikea.

*I bought a really cheap kitchen cabinet,
which i have customized with some pretty ribbons
instead of its ugly door handles.

*Someone is already looking for a confortable space
where he could have a long sleep close to me working... Lupio... :)

*Now, i am all ready to work a lot...
I hope...


My Art Studio: Before


*Here is the place where i decided to establish my art studio
 (and after a few months of negociations...)
*It's in the little hamlet where we live, just beside La Maison Vieille.
*Here are some pictures once the old wallpaper was taken off and after the first good clean...

*See you tomorrow to see the AFTER ;)




*Nature has been more than generous with us this year,
so for the last few days I have been trying different recipes to use all the beautiful fruits we could pick!

*And as I love sweet&sour taste...
here is the best:
Preserved Pickled Peaches from the famous Delia Smith
with cold meat, ham or just on its own on bread for an healthy snack!

8 large ripe but firm peaches

12 oz (350 g) granulated sugar

1 pint (570 ml) white wine vinegar

2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

1 level dessertspoon coriander seeds

1 level dessertspoon mixed peppercorns

3 shallots, peeled and finely sliced

You will also need a 1 litre preserving jar, sterilised as described above.

Begin by measuring the sugar, wine vinegar, lime juice, coriander seeds, peppercorns and shallots into a large saucepan or preserving pan. Give everything a hefty stir, then place the pan on a low heat and allow to heat through, stirring from time to time until all the sugar has dissolved – don't let it come up to simmering point until all the granules of sugar have completely dissolved.

While that's happening put another saucepan of water on to boil. Then halve the peaches (by slitting them all round with a knife and twisting them in half), remove the stones and drop the peach halves into the boiling water, a few at a time, just for a few seconds. Remove them with a draining spoon and you should find that the skins slip off easily. Now place the skinned peach halves in the vinegar and sugar mixture, bring it up to simmering point and gently poach the fruit for 15 minutes or until tender when tested with a skewer. Use a draining spoon to remove the peaches and transfer them to the warmed preserving jar.
Now boil the syrup rapidly to reduce it to approximately half its original volume, then pour it through a strainer over the peaches. If you have any syrup left, reserve it as you will find that after about 24 hours the peaches will have absorbed some of their syrup and you can use the rest to top up. Seal the jar and keep for 6 weeks before using.

Little note: i left the skin on, it saved time and the recipe is still good!


Where I was today

*I was floating today between two clouds...

*Sometimes life doesn't want to be clear
and asks us to make choice.

*How to choose the right way?


The white pearl

*I have sold one of my recent paintings in an exhibition.

*I am really pleased, it's a good feeling.

*I need to get my studio ready, can't wait anymore...


Gardening with fashion ;)

*a pretty busy week-end, with a lot of little things planned.
*time in the garden and how to be a bit fashion with a countryside life :)!!!
*my first parsnips... (which is quite unusual in french gardens!)
*plums, peaches, apples... a lot to pick, a lot to cook, a lot to store!

*have a nice week everyone ;)