November was intense. Time is coming to think, feel, and hope.
December will be the transition, the link, the door.
In a week, a month, next year...
See you soon ;)




San Francisco... the end

*Here are the last pictures from our trip in US... We finished walking around the beautiful houses in Pacific Heights... they are like wedding cakes :), the marina and the view of Alcatraz, the famous prison. From one hill to another, into a little green paradise with cottages and parrots in the trees between the buildings... surreal... 
Since our return, we are back in the real life. Choices came up, decisions to take, changes are coming... sometimes life is tough, but if/ when we get through them, we will be stronger... Have a nice week-end everyone!



San francisco & Chinatown

*Here is the part 2 of our stop in San Francisco. Chinatown: I know the chinese area in Paris and London, but there, it's nothing like that, it's not just a little taste of China for the tourist, it's properly a piece of China moved into the city with an american twist! Interesting, tasty dim sum, the fortune cookies factory, colors, signs... It's what i like about big town: the cultural diversity, you can jump from little italy to Japan town, then have a delicious lunch in an Polish restaurant in an day!!!





San Francisco //1

*SFO: stunning city, hilly... really hilly, full of life, nice cuisine, foggy, multi-everything... i could live there :)



Big Sur & Santa Cruz

*Hope you had a great week-end! Ours was spent with brilliant friends in Toulouse, good food, nice wine, endless chat,  relaxing and sunny... Thank you so much A.&R.! We are looking forward to seing the 3 of you soon ;).
*Still tidying the USA pictures... it was a long trip, 4000km...so :)
*Here are a few pictures of our stop in Santa Cruz Town and along Big Sur.
*Have a good week everyone!



*A pretty and chic town on the way to San Francisco: art galleries, boutiques, delicatessen, cute houses... feminine





*Back to our trip in the US, tidying the pictures of Pismo Beach where we stayed on the way from Los Angeles to San Francisco, along the famous Highway 1. Peaceful, foggy, long walks on the beach, generous and tasty clam chowder, simply holidays...

*ps: i sold the painting on the last post... i am really pleased :) :)