Her name is up

*A name is up, Flowers are beautiful, Sun is coming through the windows
*The journey continues...



*on Saturday, my grandma passed away.
*in our little hamlet, my grand-parents and my parents lived together since always.
Us 5, we were 1.
*she was an artist, such an interesting and talented person.
*i am proud i was her only grand-children.
*since the funerals, we are trying to go back to a normal life.


Spring outfit :)... Finally

*the sky is definitely blue for a few weeks now :)
(with no planes by the way ;)
*the sun is getting warmer and warmer everyday
*outdoor living is back :)
(and its long evenings...)
* I want fresh salad, country walks and light linen clothes
how is the weather for you?



*Yesterday I had a cup of tea with a nice lady
*a lot of talking
*a few dreams around
*the same wishes
*the same motivation to develop our countrylife
*new projects and opportunities for La Maison Vieille....
*we'll keep in touch :)


Today... :(....:)

*a meeting cancelled with someone I like to speak with :(
*instead: a morning in the office doing the admin stuff :/
*zebulon and urgande are gone to live in a new field :(
(I hope... sometimes the country life rules are too tough for me...)
*time in the garden planting vegetables :)
*an evening meeting,
the pleasure to meet interesting people in the area
and maybe some news opportunities... made my day feeling better :)
*Have a nice week-end everyone!
and not too much drinks V!
A. could you look after your mum, please ;)


Quercy de la Pierre

*35 years ago,
my grandad opened a "gîte" in our French countryside.
My parents (and us a bit...) are still running it.
The holiday house is called "Quercy de la Pierre".

*The last few weeks,
we did some decorating and some changes to make it cosy, warmer and peaceful...
*Above the gîte before
(More pictures of the gîte before on its website
didn't have time to update it yet:( )
*I don't know if you remember ....
here is the start shown a few weeks ago...
And here is the result...
*I customised the old coffee table with paint and Laura Ashley stickers
and made the cushion with the ikea fabric :)
*So, what do you think???
:) :(



* Yesterday morning,
I received a great present (can't wait to watch it!)
and some cheering words from my friend... Thank you V for the suprise :)
*And I finished a facinating story Le Parfum from Patrick Suskind...
A best seller, she recommended it to me, and I really enjoy it!
The details of that strange world, France at the 18th century through the smells.... and the imagination of the author are surprising.
The story goes quickly, you just want to know more, captivating...
An engaging serial killer...
*Have an optimistic day everyone!


Ironing or Flowers???

*The weather was so nice the last few days than i didn't spend a lot of time inside doing all the housework...
and now by a beautidul Sunday morning i have a huge pile of ironing waiting for me...
Ironing or flowers today???
*If you choose to enjoy spring like me today,
you can see more flowers at La Maison Vieille
*Have a nice Sunday :)


Good Friday

CocoRosie - Good Friday

* an early morning
* the birds singing when i woke up
*a sunny day
*the last coat of paint on the garden house
*the old green cabinet now in pink and grey
*a trip booked :)
*biscuits and cup of tea
* my grand-mother

* a good friday...


Home Tour//3:The Bathroom

*After a really really busy week-end,
i finally find a bit of time to come here and say 'hello'
*Today, here is continuing the Home tour with the Bathroom at the first floor

*the basin cabinet with drawers is from the ' ABSTRAK' range from Ikea.... normally used as sink cabinet in kitchen
*As a worktop, we made it in concrete to match with the grey mosaic marble at the back

*the picture is from Jenny Causey... i love her art :)
*when we did the extension, we planned to have a roof window above the shower
*we really enjoy it... window open in summer, hear the birds outside...
it's like to have a shower outside!
a shower under the rain... the snow... i am quite please with that idea ;)

*when i was in England, i could see in lots of cottage this really cleaver and old-fashion laundry rack hanging from the ceilling coming up and down... nomally above a nice AGA in a cosy kitchen
*I choose to use it in the bathroom, as we have a high ceilling in that room and the chimneys breast with all the heat is coming through along the wall to the roof, which is made the room warm and really handy to dry the clothes in winter :)
*i finally find a place to store all my vases... above the 'GODMORGON' (ikea) cupboard in the bathroom
*they make a nice display too, it's like a collection...
*I hope you enjoy the tour
and wish you a nice week



*Yesterday, the walk was to get the fresh watercress for the evening dinner.
*To pick up directly from the spring down our house the watercress I will cook later,
is one of the most beautiful thing about the country life...
*and the little beauties on the way...
*my post are quite green at the moment...
I think I need light, sun, fresh food and sun again... please :)


* Happy Birthday Mister B.
xxxx ;)