Home Tour//3:The Bathroom

*After a really really busy week-end,
i finally find a bit of time to come here and say 'hello'
*Today, here is continuing the Home tour with the Bathroom at the first floor

*the basin cabinet with drawers is from the ' ABSTRAK' range from Ikea.... normally used as sink cabinet in kitchen
*As a worktop, we made it in concrete to match with the grey mosaic marble at the back

*the picture is from Jenny Causey... i love her art :)
*when we did the extension, we planned to have a roof window above the shower
*we really enjoy it... window open in summer, hear the birds outside...
it's like to have a shower outside!
a shower under the rain... the snow... i am quite please with that idea ;)

*when i was in England, i could see in lots of cottage this really cleaver and old-fashion laundry rack hanging from the ceilling coming up and down... nomally above a nice AGA in a cosy kitchen
*I choose to use it in the bathroom, as we have a high ceilling in that room and the chimneys breast with all the heat is coming through along the wall to the roof, which is made the room warm and really handy to dry the clothes in winter :)
*i finally find a place to store all my vases... above the 'GODMORGON' (ikea) cupboard in the bathroom
*they make a nice display too, it's like a collection...
*I hope you enjoy the tour
and wish you a nice week

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