3 Days to go to USA & the orange day

°My daily walk in orange.

°We are going to meet for the first time some relatives when we will be around san Francisco.
°The lady is 95 years old, she is the cousin of my grand-father,
and we will meet her daughter too.

°Today i went to the town to find some little presents for them.
I thought to take some typical 'Foie Gras',
but it doesn't seem to be allowed at the airport customs... so just in case...

° So,I chose two books: one about a 99 years old french lady telling about her life
and a Recipe book of south-west France cuisine...
*chocolates and French wine... tasty!

°What do you think about my choice?
I still have a bit of time to find something else
if you know what our Americans cousins would love from France...???

°Any ideas???? :)

3 commentaires:

Juniper a dit…

Nice orange photos! A friend of mine came back from a visit to France and brought me some lovely soap and violet sweets {she was in Nantes} they were a wonderful gift and one I am able to slowly savour.

Sara Louise a dit…

Wine and any regional delicacies would be lovely. Are you sure you can't bring fois gras?

aud* a dit…

Thanks for your ideas. We have similar violet sweets at Toulouse,thanks for the idea, the soap is a good one too actually...

And about the foie gras, i looked on different forum on the net, and some people go through the customs without any problem, other had a ba d experience, so i do not prefer to take the risk.... I love too much Foie gras to loose it:)