6 Days to go to USA!!!!

*Yes!!!! Finally we are going in Honeymoon... the real one :)
*Next sunday we are flying to San Francisco, where we will rent a RV and go on the roads...
until the 21st of october...
*I do not realize yet! it's more than a dream, it seems unreal!
It's the first time i am going to America!!! so so happy!!!
*So here is our road trip:

*Departure: San Francisco


*Las Vegas

*Grand Canyon

*Monument Valley

*Los Angeles

*The West Coast and Big Sur

*Back to San Francisco

*I can't wait!!!!

*Please, please, please
If you have any advise on one of those locations, on the weather,
on things to do or not, on food, on museum,  on shopping...
please, please,
leave me a note....
Your help is more than welcome :)

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Elizabeth Destouches a dit…

Our family spent 2 weeks RVing in British Columbia this summer, and apart from being in such awesome nature, being together 24/7 was the best. It's faintly ridiculous being in such close quarters in such a big landscape when you think about it, but it's fun. My advice: in each new place, really see it and enjoy it and try not to think too much about where you are going next (directions, bookings, etc). Have a fabulous honeymoon!

Sara Louise a dit…

I wish I had some advice to give but I've never travelled much around the west coast (but there is a pretty nice wine bar in the San Francisco airport!)
But, be sure to try to eat in at least one American truckstop of diner for breakfast, it's something that you can't get in France :-)

Have a wonderful time! Can't wait for the photos and stories :-)

Loree a dit…

Have fun. I have been to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately all my photos are pre-digital and not scanned. The Grand Canyon is breath-taking and Vegas is surreal.

aud* a dit…

Thank you ladies for all your comments and advices.... i'm sure i will bring back a lot of photos!!! :)

Anonyme a dit…

A visiter absolument à L.A, le Getty museum, pour l'architecture, admirer la ville depuis ses jardins et surtout surtout ses differentes collections.
Bon vent !

Juniper a dit…

Oh no!! I have fallen behind this week and have not seen your posts! Have a wonderful trip to the States! It looks like you have an nice line up of places to visit. Pack with some long sleeves and a raincoats for San Fran {if you get the chance go to the Alice Waters restaurant}.. I will try and check my sister who was recently visiting the San Francisco area to see if she has any advice museum wise etc. Am sure you will have a great trip! Happy packing and safe travels!!