We are back!!!

*we are back!!!
 full of happiness :)

*we had an amazing time in US
the trip of a lifetime

*beef jerky, the huge skies, the long straight roads,
the red earth, the snow and the boiling sun,
the travelling experience... all in one!

*i am still under the jet lag...
 can't sleep... 3.00am

*loads of pictures to tidy
I will try to share a few here in the next couple days

*hope you had a good time 
all of you!

*have a nice sunday!

6 commentaires:

Victoria a dit…

Looking forward to hearing all about your trip after you've recovered from the jetlag and setting in again. Sounds like it was fab.

anne a dit…

Welcome back ! On attends les photos !

Sara Louise a dit…

I love how beef jerky made the list!! Can't wait to see the photos :-)

Loree a dit…

Welcome back. Please show us the photos soon :)

aud* a dit…

Thanks ladies !!! I am pleased you haven't forgotten me :)

Otti otta a dit…

Halala, it reminds me of a trip from LA to VEgas with m'y brother, the girl who will become my sister in law and 2 friends. By car. One of my n'est memory, i was 21 !