Confidences... 7 things about myself...

I was tagged by my friend V.
Interesting that game... so let's go!

1. I prefer to wash white clothes and white linen... because they look nicer in the house when they are drying ... better match...i know ... mad :)

2. I love to be busy... but I get bored really quickly... Everyday i have a new idea, I think about a new project, I want to start a lot of things... but I am bad to finish what i start... ;)

3. I am an only child... I would like to have brothers and sisters... but I have no ideas of what it is... When I was younger, I tried to create with my friends a kind of relationship that I could have with a sister or a brother just to imagine what's that feeling...

4. When i was a child, I would like to be cheesemonger. Today, I make my own yogurt.

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5. I hate surprises... I am absolutely unable to hide that I don't like something... I wrote a wish list to my husband ... so like that no bad surprises... but I have to say when someone do a surprise for me and it's perfectly what i like... i could cry ... i am over the moon!

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6. I love talking about babies and children's names.

7. When I am in London, I always go to the National gallery to say "Hello" to my favorite drawing.


3 commentaires:

v a dit…

thank you for sharing:) have a lovely weekend!

Ange a dit…

Nice getting to know you!! You mustn't live too far from me then as nothing's far in France. Welcome home...

aud* a dit…

thanks Ange! yes, I could understand we are not too far... :)