The Art Festival


*We had a wonderful time during the Art Festival... it's probably why I am exhausted today :)

*we had 3 days of International Art around the village: the theme was "art in the houses".
*so especially yesterday, our small village was full of people visiting
the 13 places occupied by the 30 artists.
*Photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics: the visitors enjoyed the variety and the lively atmosphere!

*There was also a classical concert each evening with 6 musicians from the Paris orchestra,
 their group is called 'L'ensemble Phaéton'.
It was incredible to have such good quality music in our little church!
 A lot of people came along! it was a real success!

*I was sharing the exhibiting space with Philomena, my mother-in-law. We had a special time together.
*It was interesting to speak with the visitors about what they feel in front of my work, what they like or not. It was good to see friends coming and have a chat with them.
To share lunch with all the artists was an important time too.

*And another little thing, i sold one painting
and quite a lot of my greeting cards, lavender sachets and enveloppes :)
*Some people were interested about my art, asked for my details and maybe they will contact me later... we'll see!

*So far, i am feeling pleased and hopefully this is the start of something great.

3 commentaires:

Juniper a dit…

Wow- what a lovely event! It sounds like you live in a very special village. Congratulations on the sale of one of your paintings! It comes as no surprise to us out here who have been so lucky to have seen some of your recent works, you are very talented!
I really like the Yael song too and what a nice way of describing your feeling in preparing for the event and moving your art works to new spaces.
Do you by chance have an online shop for your paintings?

v a dit…

I told you!:) congratulations! another etsy shop?:)

aud* a dit…

Thank you both of you for your nice comments!!! and yes, i am opening a little online shop for my paintings soon... please don't forget to come back and have a look :)