She is in my kitchen

*A new painting.
*It's an oil on canvas.
*My art studio should be finished this week :)

5 commentaires:

Dreamfarm Girl a dit…

I like her contemplative expression, and the composition. Dreamy.

OttiOtta a dit…

Je viens de découvrir, par hasard, your blog. And I like it ! I also love your portraits. And I wonder : would you accept to work on command ? I would love to have a portrait of my kids painted the way you make portraits : nothing around. Anf if so, for a size approx like the one in your kitchen, what would be the price ? I have to say there is no hurry. I would of course produce a few pictures. But what I imagine is not a reproduction of the picture. Eventualy, it could also be 2 paintings (one of each of my chidren : my boy, almost 8 and my daughter, 5). Please, let me know… Merci.

Loree a dit…

So pretty. Such a luminous quality in the painting.

aud* a dit…

thank you thank you thank you for your interesting comments :)

julianna a dit…

Gorgeous painting! do you sell somewhere?