Wedding Day: Act II

* Hope you all had a good day...
Here, the weather was a beautiful start for september.

*Our wedding story is continuing. Thank you for following it :)

*Here are some pictures of the ceremony.

*instead of a red carpet, i used wallpaper on the aisle, matching with the ceremony booklets.

*I designed the dresses...

*Ismérie, the soprano singer
Découvrez la playlist Nouvelle playlist avec Yann Tiersen

*Our friend played Yann Tiersen on the piano during the ceremony...
we were really lucky

2 commentaires:

Sarah Elizabeth a dit…

Sounds like a beautiful ceremony. The flower girl dresses are gorgeous. I love Yann Tiersen too and had it playing during our post-wedding drinks reception. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your day x x

aud* a dit…

thanks for your comment! I like your wedding too ;)