Wedding Day: The End

*Hope you had a good day.
*a walk in the village's market and a meeting this morning,
still painting my art studio this afternoon
and it's finished!!! youpi!!!

*Here are some memories of the evening of our wedding

*We had a drink before dinner in the garden of a beautiful medieval castle in the next village

*We had Virgile and Nazim, the musicians, plying all evening  and night for us
We are fan with B.
It was magic!
We had our waltz with live music.
A dream....

Listen: Café au lait par L'Avant-Bras
it wasn't our waltz, but you can appreciate their talent.....


*As a good French meal, the dinner was 5 couses
plus the traditionnal wedding desserts,
French and English!

And to answer to Sara Louise :)

*We had Foie Gras with walnut bread and figs chutney
then a selection of Fish and a crab cake
The traditionnal south west duck with vegetable
Cheese with nuts and home-made cherry jam
Finally, a selection of 3 desserts: apple with melting fudge,
nougat ice cream and a macaron... yummy

all that with 3 differents wines and champagne

I told you: a typical French dinner!

*And then was starting our new life as a married couple!

and they lived happily ever after...

*thank you for all your nice comments about the pictures and the wedding!
We had a fabulous photographer... have a look here!

3 commentaires:

Victoria a dit…

Oh it sounds wonderful. The menu is amazing and I'm sure was so delicious. Lovely photographs. Thanks for sharing everything.

Sara Louise a dit…

Yes, the menu was every bit as delectable as I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing :-)

aud* a dit…