*In our little village (530 inhabitants),
we have been holding a festival around the village lake every first week-end of august for the last 37 years!

*Concerts and a huge firework on the Saturday night.
*Flea-market, jet-ski ride, helicoptere ride, and a giant paella in the evening for 500 guests!

*But the best thing about it, it's to be volunteer in the organisation of the party!
We all grew up together and it's a nice occasion to see each other, the ones we didn't see for a long time, the new babies,  the children getting taller and taller, laughting, dancing...

*a nice link between us, years after years

*but please God, next year we could do without the rain... :)

2 commentaires:

Sara Louise a dit…

Sounds like a great time! Our little festival is in two weeks, can't wait! :-)

Juniper a dit…

Oh this sounds like such a nice tradition!!! I wish the feast in the village we lived in was more similar.. I like the coming together and working together and the flea market and a giant paella - wow!! What a wonderful place you live in!!